CA 7886 (F) thank you .. dialing .. ringing 1... 2... answered... (female) at and t corporate security ga

Is Mexican Cum Dumpster there? gahello? ga

mecia mexican qqq you have to repeat that pls ga

I am looking for Mexican Cum Dumpster. Is she there q ga

umm as far as i know there is no such person here at at and t by that name is that a person you re looking for q an employee ga

I am looking for an employee named Linda who goes by the nickname Mexican Cum Dumpster. She works in Corporate Security. ga

umm i would need a sir name ga

all I know is that she is named Linda, she works in Corporate Security, and she uses the name Mexican Cum Dumpster when she is having telephone sex with anonymous strangers on company time. ga

ou you would have to dial the same number that you dialed this 800 822 9009 but you would have to call west coast time tomorrow ga

i have always dialed 8008229009 and she has always been there, even at this time of night. she stays late at work and makes money using AT&T's equipment for telephone sexual practices. ga

as i said before there is no linda that is here at this location at this time however you can call during the west coast time t = and another group will answer ga

since she is not there, do you perform telephone sex during working hours q ga

umm you may have the wrong number we do not do that at at and t if you want to leave your number or if you have her sir name (...) (speaking too fast) i cannot help you ga

is this at and t corporate security at 1-800-822-9009 q if so i call there all the time to get hot wet horny ladies ready to get dirty with me over the public switched telephone network. ga

hahahaha i do not know which number this person is calling but we do not perform those such duties on this phone .. if you are looking for someone they are not here ga

this employee linda does these things. she answers the phone "are you ready to get down with at and t corporate security? take me now, hot man" and then she makes sex noises and bills my credit card ga

umm i am not going to further continuing this conversation.. (laughing) there is nobody here by that name so you may have to call back at another time (talking to someone else) (laughing) ga

are you willing to help me cum like a wild animal q ga

im gonna terminate this call right now this is the wrong number we have no such duties here ga


im sorry i have to terminate this call (hung up) ga or sk