Back to Hell Atlantic

CA 4119 (F) thank you .. dialing .. ringing 1...
(female) harvard university ga

hello, is this information technology ga

yeah ga 

I have an older system, and I was wondering if it was
supported ga

umm what is it ga 

it is an altair 8800 ga
it does have the 4k memory expansion ga

no we no we dont support anything like that ga 

perhaps if I install CP M? ga

is this person a kennedy school student faculty or
staff person q ga 

i am a student ga
do you support colecovision ga

we dont support older system s ga 

what is the oldest you support ga
the new technology conspires against me ga

umm .. we just support windows at least a pentium
three ga 

pentium three? Those newfangled things are satan's
processor! don't even get me started on the 4's. ga

can i have this persons name q ga 

do you support windows for workgroups ga

i need to know who this is im not a help desk id like
to direct the call to the correct persona nd without
knowing who this is i dont know who to direct the call
to ga 

i am a student at the kennedy school, my name is
Eduardo Lopez ga

.. umm i dotn see a student by that name listed you
know there is no way to help we dont support older
machines and i dont see your name listed as a student
i dotn know what else i can do to help you ga 

what number can I call then? my older, vintage systems
must see binary justice! Onward! Excelsior!

there s no nbr if you are a student you can come in to
talk to the lab assistance.. we dont have a help desk

i lost my legs in the war and I don't like people
unless over the phone, sorry. ga

umm i have to go now we 


do not 


provide help if this is a student they are here that
school dXX so there is no other nbr togive you bye sk


ok i need to go now sk (hung up) ga or sk